Jack’s Boat Yard expanded storage space in 2010. Our Dry Land Storage capacity now extends over ten acres. Storage spots have 15 and 30 amp metered power with water accessible from all storage. For those who don’t wish to haul their boat stuff to and from home, we now have annual boat storage spaces that come with an 8×16 storage shed.


In the summer of 2013 we took drastic measures (taking advantage of low tides) and completely shut down the boat lifting facility to remodel foreshore area where the boat lift drives out over the water. The new lift ramp extends 30 feet further over the water allowing us to lift boats on almost any tide. We cut away the hillside and filled out to low tide line to hugely increase the boat lift staging area and to create what we now call the “Lower Yard”. The Lower Yard can park 3 to 4 boats and is highlighted by a wonderful new huge cement washing pad that is two boats wide. This new area will be used to park large vessel that cannot be brought up the hill and for those very quick overnight type maintenance projects. Daily storage rates only in the Lower Yard.

Storage boats and boats with longer term projects will be hauled up the hill into our storage yard and blocked for as long as the boater wishes.

The improvements to the waterfront area increased parking area for boats, moved the ramps further out into the bay to allow lifts on a lower tide and improved the wash bay to completely contain contaminants that may wash off of boat hulls during a power-wash. These improvements increased our capacity to provide clients with better more flexible lift times as well as improved our environmental sustainability.

Bonus! By raising the lift docks and the Lower Yard by about 6-8 feet higher we are ready for the rising sea levels expected with Global Warming 🙂


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