• 60 AMO Marine Travelift
    • With 21 ft inside clearance width
    • 50 ton lifting capacity

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We purchased this travel lift in 2012 from Dale Harris Equipment. It was dismantled and trucked all the way from Houma, Louisiana. Our Mechanic, Darryl Carriere, went down to look at the
lift, okayed the purchase, and spent a year completely refurbishing all the hydraulic lines, cables, & pumps. We built the new ramping system that goes out over the water to accommodate the size of this lift. Expect this Travel lift to lift slower that our homemade lift, but you don’t want to be in a hurry lifting a boat.

The swivelled four straps can remain apart (each set is 6 ft apart) or can be crossed. This gives the boat much more support as it is raised out of the water and is especially appreciated by wooden boat owners. We cross the straps on most of the sailboats as well as lift the larger ones back in. The most significant point regarding the new lift is we plan to lift out Jack’s Boat, Cantamara¬Ě, which we were unable to do with the old lift that Jack built many years ago.

Jack’s Boat Lift is certified by Q.E.D. Engineering Associates Inc. from North Vancouver, B.C. to lift boats to 30 tons.
The spreader bar high on the back lifts up out of the way of masts and eases back down behind the mast. In cases of large sailboats the back stays sometimes have to be loosened to accommodate the bar.

The front of the lift is tapered in and closed off limiting the length of boats that can be lifted to 54 ft depending on their shape. There are two straps on the lift that can be adjusted from 8 to 20 feet apart.


Around 1997 Jack Elsworth picked up a used Ross Straddle Carrier and decided he would modify it to lift out his boat, “Cantamara”. The Cantamara, a cement trawler, was 55ft long 13.5 ft wide and weighed 75 tons.

Jack lengthened and widened the machine, redesigned the chain lifting cylinders to lift with cable, adding a holding cable to add to the lifting range. He moved the steering system from the upper cab to ground level, and beefed up the brakes… air over hydraulic. Voila! a boat lift.

Two and a half years of cutting and welding and Jack was ready for his test lift. Alas the new boat lift would not lift out the 75 ton Cantamara… very disappointing.

Neighbours and boaters couldn’t miss seeing the lift jutting out into Finn Bay and began to ask for lifts. While the lift could not lift out the very heavy Cantamara, it had absolutely no problem with local sail boats and fishing boats.

A boat yard was born!