Jack’s Boat Yard is a Dry Land Storage Yard where you can do your own boat work. Whether you bring your buddy or your wife, drag out you granddaughter or grandson, you can count on a relaxed work environment with plenty of other boaters for like-minded conversation and advice. The boat yard has a Marine Store on site for supplies – including contact information for
local marine professionals.

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  • Haul Outs up to 50 tons and up to 20ft wide
  • Boat Storage space for up to 100 boats, with daily, monthly and winter rates
  • Crushed gravel surface
  • Storage sheds available
  • Long term storage discounts
  • Water and electricity available
  • Do-it-yourself boat yard with lots of space = working at your own pace
  • You can stay on your boat while you work
  • Washrooms, showers and laundry facilities onsite
  • 1km stroll to Lund, BC or a short row in your dinghy
  • The “Boat Yard” has an onsite supply store
  • Waste Disposal, Recycling Station
  • WiFi available

Storage boat size is limited to 30 tons, the capacity of our moving lift. Storage clients can be comforted by the knowledge that members of the Jack’s Boat Yard family live on the premisses to keep a close eye on boats and people. Along with our video surveillance this should help you feel your vessel is secure.

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